Sony Card FAQs

How is the entertainment category defined?

Entertainment is defined as select purchases made at merchants that fall within the merchant category codes described below.

Music Downloads and Record Stores are classified as merchants that sell records, compact discs (CDs), cassettes, music and video laser disks, blank audio and video tapes, and digital downloads of music. They may also rent video tapes.

Motion Picture (Movie) Theaters and Tickets are classified as merchants that operate movie theaters and sell tickets as well as refreshments. These merchants may or may not offer advance tickets reservations via the telephone or Internet. This includes drive-in theaters as well as online ticketing merchants. Also includes merchants that rent DVD/video tapes for personal use. These merchants may or may not sell a limited selection of used videos, drinks, candy, snacks, and blank tapes.

Continuing Subscription Services are classified as merchants that sell subscription products or services via “direct” mail. These merchants may offer consumers a series of products (e.g., one book a month for one year) or the annual renewal of a single product. When paying by bank card, the cardholder’s account is billed for the service on a continuing or periodic basis (e.g., once a month, twice a year) and the service continues until the subscription or series ends or until the cardholder or merchant terminates the agreement. Included in this Merchant Category Code are direct mail book clubs; record, tape, CD, and video clubs; collectible series programs (stamps, coins, limited edition books or other book series, plates, china figures, etc.); and magazine subscriptions. Also included are newspaper subscriptions. Examples of recurring transactions excluded are: utility payments, private athletic club monthly dues, and insurance premiums.

Digital Goods – Large Digital Goods Merchants are large merchants that sell goods delivered in electronic format, with a minimum of 25 million transactions annually.

Digital Goods – Games are merchants that sell games that are delivered in electronic (not physical) format.

Digital Goods Media – Books, Movies, Music are merchants that sell media delivered in an electronic (not physical) format.

Select Pay TV/Radio/Streaming Services are merchants that provide the connection and ongoing delivery of Television/Radio/Streaming content on a subscription or fee basis. To receive 5x points on purchases in this merchant category code, the merchant must be Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, or Spotify.

Sports are classified as merchants that operate and promote semiprofessional and professional athletic clubs (e.g., baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, etc.), promote amateur and professional athletic events, and manage individual athletes. Includes sports arenas and stadiums.

Theaters are classified as merchants that operate live theatrical productions such as road companies and summer theater groups. This also includes services associated with theatrical productions and concerts such as casting agencies, booking agencies, scenery, lighting, and other equipment services, and theatrical ticket agencies.

Bands, Orchestras & Entertainment are classified as merchants that provide entertainment other than theatrical productions. Includes musicians, bands, orchestras, and other types of entertainers such as comedians and magicians as well as merchants that specialize in providing music (live bands or DJs) for weddings or special events.

Video game amusement supply & arcade are classified as merchants that sell coin-operated amusement machines such as video game machines, juke boxes, pinball machines, slot machines, mechanical games, instant photograph booths, and similar types of amusement equipment and game supplies. Also includes the popular video game arcades typically located in shopping malls and on-line video games on the Internet (including virtual goods purchased in a game).

Does Capital One assign merchant category codes?

Merchants are assigned a merchant category code based on their primary line of business. Capital One does not assign merchant category codes and is not responsible for merchant coding errors or inconsistencies.

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