MAY 23

Men in Black 3 NYC Premiere and After Party

Thanks to Sony Rewards, my girlfriend and I were able to attend the NYC MIB3 Premiere and After Party. We had an awesome time! My girlfriend still raves about it.

We had front row seats for the movie at the Ziegfeld Theater and got to sit close up and take pictures of Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones & cast during the introductions.

Afterwards, as we were walking out of the theater, I looked to my left and saw Donald Trump right next to me.  What a nice surprise!  A bus then came and took us to the after party on the Intrepid.  The weather was breezy and cool, a perfect night for an outdoor party.  We were amongst the first group of people to arrive and immediately waited around the stage.  On the first table next to the stage were Will Smith and Pitbull!  We had the opportunity to talk to them and Will was especially outgoing and talked to us like friends.  That kind of access is priceless!!

Soon after, crowds of guests started to arrive, and Pitbull started performing on stage. Another great surprise. We were treated to an awesome movie and a Pitbull concert! This was a great two-in-one!  We were standing right in front of the stage and got to see Pitbull perform up close and personal.  After Pitbull, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire (Will Smith) performed as well.  A total blast from the past!

After the concert, we walked around the Intrepid, met even more celebrities, and treated ourselves to some exquisite cocktails and food. All in all, we truly had a blast, and this is a night we will never forget!