DEC 06

Antoine P's PlayStation Experience

My time on the PlayStation Experience was definitely the highlight of 2014!

Not only did I get to experience Las Vegas for the first time, I got to be a part of something that turned out to be much better than expected!

Seeing and playing new games that were either unannounced or still in Alpha, meeting developers, getting hundreds of dollars in complimentary swag... It was everything a PlayStation fan could dream of.

To top it off, I even got interviewed to be on a few games websites!

Throw in our stay at the premiere Paris hotel, and this trip was 2 action packed days worth every penny!

I want to thank Sony rewards so much for allowing me to have the Experience of a lifetime! 
OCT 15

Pushkar B's Fury Premiere Experience

Thank you very much Sony Rewards for making our marriage anniversary a memorable one with the FURY movie World Premiere in Washington DC.  We got a chance to see a great movie & personally meet Brad Pitt, Jason Isaacs & Director David Ayer. WOW. We did see other movie cast also.  The reception was excellent with great food & drinks.  It was really an honor to watch a movie premiere ( our  first ever ) with some World War II Veterans.  The hotel which was also part of the package is very nice & next to White House. Thanks a lot.  
SEP 20

Timothy T's Miranda Lambert Experience

We had a great time. I was searching on the Sony Rewards site for a gift for my wife for her birthday. I placed a few bids for the Miranda Lambert ShowStopper and was excited to do this for my wife. We actually extended our stay as we flew from Chicago. Just the right amount of time, well maybe a little longer would have been better. Great concert and I loved the fact that she opened the concert with a video of when Elvis played his only concert in the same arena. 

We explored the island and rented a car so my wife got to snorkel in different areas of the island. She even swam with some large sea turtles. 

Ready for our next trip! Thank you Sony Rewards!
JUN 21

Michael N's Billy Joel Experience

Thanks again - Billy Joel was awesome!  My wife and I arrived in NYC in our Corvette in style and checked into The Time hotel in Times Square – part of the winning auction. Since it was great weather – we walked to MSG and took our awesome seats to watch the show. Billy sounded great and we were able to watch him play the piano from our fabulous section. We stayed until the last encore and went back into Times Square. 

We had a blast watching a wedding party and a birthday celebration at 1am in the middle of Times Square. We also went to the View – the 48th floor of the Marriot marquis where the dining room revolves for full panoramic views of NYC – for dessert.  Excellent ShowStopper weekend!
APR 24

David G's Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premiere Experience

Red Carpet Premiere
Sony flew us out to New York to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premiere at the Ziegfeld theatre.  
This was our first time to a movie premiere and it lived up to all expectation.  It was a full media event with the streets partially blocked off and tons of fans gathered outside to get a peek at the stars as they pulled up to walk the red carpet.  Amazing!

All the stars from the movie were in attendance and many others as well.  We had seats 4 rows back from the front which gave us a great view as the director Marc Webb introduced each star one at a time and had them come up to the front of the theatre before the movie started.  Amazing! 
The movie did not disappoint and I can honestly say it is the best Spider-Man movie yet.  The director cleverly combined tons of character development with non-stop action giving you bits of perfectly timed humor in between.    As a Spider-Man fan, I give it two thumbs up!
After party  
After the movie we were shuttled to an after party held at Moynihan Station.
No expense was spared at the after party which included unlimited food, open bar, fun free professional photo areas, and a private concert by world famous composer Hans Zimmer.  
Jamie Foxx grabbed the microphone and did the introductions.  Zimmer performed cuts from the movie soundtrack accompanied by Pharrell Williams, Kendric Lamar and Alicia Keys to name a few.
It was amazing music performed by big name musicians in such an intimate setting we really felt truly blessed to be able to experience it first-hand.
We even got a fun swag bag when we left which included the soundtrack from the movie, Spider-Man gloves, and other goodies.

Times Square
An excellent surprise that caught us off guard was when Sony told us they were going to put us up hourly on their big billboard in Times Square.   We are talking about THE Sony billboard in Times Square (same one where the ball drops every New Year’s Eve)!  Now honestly, how many people can say they have had their picture up on that!  Truly Amazing, thanks Sony Rewards!

JAN 07

Steven B @ Sony Open

I would like to give thanks to Sony for giving my girlfriend and I a once in a lifetime, dream vacation. We enjoyed 5 days in paradise and were given opportunities that are truly priceless. I sincerely enjoyed meeting everyone that was apart of the Sony Open Golf Tournament. Being able to play with professionals at the Kapolei Golf Club was one of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had and is something I will never forget. Our stay at the Sheraton Waikiki was also incredible, along with the many activities and special events. The preparation, effort, and kindness extended to us by Sony did not go unnoticed. Thank you all for making this possible. 
NOV 26

Jennifer and Jessica's One Direction Experience

It's the "Little Things" in life that create lasting memories... and seeing my daughter Jessica's  reaction when finding out she was going to see her idols, ONE DIRECTION, live the following morning on GMA was incredible! Jess was surprised at dinner when the waiter bought over a box we had previously wrapped with the VIP wrist bands, some 1D pins and cell phone case.  Inside she discovered a poem and underneath all the tinsel was her golden ticket (or in this case) yellow wristbands!. 

After many happy tears and the new found realization that in a few hours she would be "breathing the same air" as Harry and the boys...our journey to NYC began.

Central Park was alive with 27,000 fans by 3:30am and by the time we entered the GMA staging area at 6:00am the stage was bustling with crew, fans were fainting (literally) at the thought that they are going to see One Direction within the hour...and Jessica, her friends, and I anxiously awaited the announcement of the bands arrival.

When we first saw 1D, they came out to perform a sound check (pre live taping)...Harry was wearing a Knicks jacket (which got many cheers from the crowd) and they rehearsed "Best Song Ever" and "Midnight Memories"...we all got chills (and not just due to the sub-freezing temperature outside) but because the band really does sound the same live as they do on their CD' fact better! Every fan knew all the words and the energy was incredible!  

The sound check was followed by the bands exit for a wardrobe change and more warm up comedy and instructions from the stage manager on when the audience should scream, look at cameras, hold up signs, and put down cell phones!  Fifteen minutes later the show began!

One Direction ROCKED Central Park!  The audience was treated to over an hour of music (with some songs performed more then once for various "technical" reasons) which was complaints from the crowd just cheers!  The interviews were quick and to the point -- okay so Robin Roberts referred to the band as One "Addition"...perhaps that was her way of voicing that 1D transcends multiple generations (i.e. the 1970's boy band "New Addition")...this actually got a lot of laughs both in the crowd and on stage. The biggest cheer came when Niall announced that the band was adding North America to their "Where We Are 2014 Stadium Tour". Jess turned to me and without saying a word I knew what she wanted for the holidays.  

The band continued to perform and in between songs chat with the audience (Harry asked what people would be doing for Thanksgiving...crowd yelled "eating"...Harry laughed and responded "eating..yeah...and what about being thankful??" - everyone laughed!  Niall thanked everyone for coming out in the bitter cold (while shivering), and Louise mentioned that thing he missed most about being on the road so much was his good "English breakfast".  

The taping ended with the band sitting on stage and performing "Little Things" (one of Jessica and my favorite songs) and with the crowd singing along. When it came time to say their farewell, One Direction, blew kisses to the fans, waived, and once again thanked everyone for coming out to support them on such a cold and blistery day.  Jessica turned and hugged me...and cried...she simply said "Thank you for making my dream come true".

Following the concert we ventured to Hotel Mela in the heart of Times Square and down the street from GMA, to warm up and rest before we continued on with our day. We lunched at "Robert's" at the Museum of Art & Design where Jessica and her friends proceeded to share pictures and videos of 1D and their experience with every member of the waitstaff - and anyone else who would listen. We explored the city, attended the first reading of a fabulous new Broadway musical "Never Grimm", and ended our long but incredibly fun day with dinner at "Tao" -- where again memories and videos of 1D were shared with all!

This once in a lifetime experience of seeing Jessica's idol's One Direction perform live, with her smiling and singing by my side...amazing! Spending an exciting  day and night together in NYC, eating, laughing, and sharing stories about One Direction's show...fantastic! Knowing that I now have to secure great tickets (and hopefully a Meet & Greet) for One Direction's 2014 concert in August...challenging - but hey who doesn't like a challenge! But...the joy on Jessica's face from the moment she found out she was seeing 1D and as a parent, being able to grant your child's wish...well that's simply PRICELESS!
SEP 25

Marc H's Earth Wind & Fire Experience

I will start by thanking you for the perfect trip, it was flawless; you even had the weather under control and gave us a mild summer feeling inside the big city!

Since it was my wife's first trip to the big apple, I hoped that it would be nearly perfect, and it was. The weather was very mild and the hotel room spacious and comfortable - although we did not spend more than couple hours in it. We met with Mark, the publicist of the band, and he arranged for us to meet the band before the concert. We took a couple pictures with them and had a quick chat about their new album. Then the concert began and what a show! I do not remember sitting for more than 10 minutes. They started by playing some of their hit songs but also incorporated a couple from their new album, which is actually very refreshing and well put. The Beacon Theater was a great choice of venue as it made us feel very close to the band (we were seated on the 6th row right in the center). After 2 "encores", the concert ended and it was time for me and my wife to explore New York by night. We grabbed a bite in a typical New York Style Italian restaurant and headed for Times Square. The next day we managedd to go see the 9/11 Memorial Site, walk by the Empire State Building, and climb on top of the Rockefeller Center. Then it was time to head back to the airport to catch our plane back home.

Again thank you for the experience, it was worth every Sony Rewards point.
JUL 10

Mark S' Grown Ups 2 Premiere Experience

Thank you Sony for a great Showstopper Experience at the Grown Ups 2 Premiere in NYC. The theater was beautiful and the movie was very funny, but, of course, it was the red carpet and stars that made our evening. Getting to see Adam Sandler and Kevin James was exciting, but having Shaq stop to take pictures was unbelievable. Everyone that we got to meet was friendly and seemed genuinely happy to meet their fans.
JUN 16

Tom at Playboy Jazz Festival

 Oh yea! Thanks for a great day & night at the Hollywood Bowl. Box seat was in a great location, the music was why I was there and it was off the charts. The Hotel was also excellent. Thanks for a really great experience.