David G's Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premiere Experience

Apr 24

Red Carpet Premiere
Red Carpet Premiere
Sony flew us out to New York to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Premiere at the Ziegfeld theatre.  
This was our first time to a movie premiere and it lived up to all expectation.  It was a full media event with the streets partially blocked off and tons of fans gathered outside to get a peek at the stars as they pulled up to walk the red carpet.  Amazing!

All the stars from the movie were in attendance and many others as well.  We had seats 4 rows back from the front which gave us a great view as the director Marc Webb introduced each star one at a time and had them come up to the front of the theatre before the movie started.

The movie did not disappoint and I can honestly say it is the best Spider-Man movie yet.  The director cleverly combined tons of character development with non-stop action giving you bits of perfectly timed humor in between.    As a Spider-Man fan, I give it two thumbs up!
After party  
After the movie we were shuttled to an after party held at Moynihan Station.
No expense was spared at the after party which included unlimited food, open bar, fun free professional photo areas, and a private concert by world famous composer Hans Zimmer.  
Jamie Foxx grabbed the microphone and did the introductions.  Zimmer performed cuts from the movie soundtrack accompanied by Pharrell Williams, Kendric Lamar and Alicia Keys to name a few.
It was amazing music performed by big name musicians in such an intimate setting we really felt truly blessed to be able to experience it first-hand.
We even got a fun swag bag when we left which included the soundtrack from the movie, Spider-Man gloves, and other goodies.

Times Square
An excellent surprise that caught us off guard was when Sony told us they were going to put us up hourly on their big billboard in Times Square.   We are talking about THE Sony billboard in Times Square (same one where the ball drops every New Year’s Eve)!  Now honestly, how many people can say they have had their picture up on that!  Truly Amazing, thanks Sony Rewards!