How is digital streaming and subscription services category defined?

It is defined as select purchases made at merchants that fall within the merchant category codes described below.

Continuing Subscription Services are classified as merchants that sell subscription products or services via direct mail, such as direct mail book clubs; magazine and newspaper subscriptions; record, tape, CD, and video clubs; and collectible series programs. The following are not covered: utility payments, private athletic club monthly dues, and insurance premiums.

Digital Goods – Large Digital Goods Merchants are large merchants that sell goods delivered in electronic format, with a minimum of 25 million transactions annually.

Digital Goods Media – Books, Movies, Music are merchants that sell media delivered in an electronic (not physical) format.

Cable, Satellite, and other Pay TV/Radio/Streaming Services are merchants that provide the connection and ongoing delivery of Television/Radio/Streaming content on a subscription or fee basis. To receive 3x points on purchases in this merchant category code, the merchant must be Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, or Spotify.