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Genre: Soundtracks
Artist/Group Name: Ana Gasteyer/Christian Borle
Release Date: 09/15/1998
Original Release Date: 1998
Length of CD: 78:21
Label: RCA
# of Discs: 1
Total Time: 78:21

Disc 1
1. New Brain: Prologue: Frogs Have So Much Spring, A (The Spring Song) - (with Malcolm Gets)
2. New Brain: Prologue: Calamari, A - (with Chip Zien/Kristin Chenoweth/Liz Larsen/Malcolm Gets)
3. A New Brain: Prologue: 911 Emergency / I Have So Many Songs: 911 Emergency / I Have So Many Songs - (with Keith Byron Kirk/Michael Mandell/John Jellison/Kristin Chenoweth/Liz Larsen/Malcolm Gets/Mary Testa)
4. New Brain: Heart and Music, A - (with Keith Byron Kirk/Michael Mandell/John Jellison/Pe Fuller/Kristin Chenoweth/Liz Larsen/Malcolm Gets/Mary Testa)
5. New Brain: Trouble Is His Brain, A - (with Penny Fuller/John Jellison)
6. New Brain: Mother's Gonna Make Things Fine, A - (with Penny Fuller/Malcolm Gets)
7. New Brain: Sailing, A - (with Malcolm Gets/Norm Lewis)
8. New Brain: Family History, A - (with Penny Fuller/Kristin Chenoweth/Malcolm Gets)
9. New Brain: Gordo's Law of Genetics, A - (with Keith Byron Kirk/Michael Mandell/John Jellison/Kristin Chenoweth/Liz Larsen/Mary Testa)
10. New Brain: And They're Off, A - (with Keith Byron Kirk/Michael Mandell/John Jellison/Kristin Chenoweth/Liz Larsen/Malcolm Gets/Mary Testa)
11. New Brain: Just Go, A - (with Malcolm Gets/Norm Lewis)
12. New Brain: Poor, Unsuccessful and Fat, A - (with Chip Zien/Michael Mandell/Malcolm Gets)
13. New Brain: Sitting Becalmed in the Lee of Cuttyhunk, A - (with Keith Byron Kirk/Michael Mandell/John Jellison/Pe Fuller/Kristin Chenoweth/Liz Larsen/Malcolm Gets/Mary Testa)
14. New Brain: An Invitation to Sleep in My Arms, A - (with Penny Fuller/Liz Larsen/Malcolm Gets/Norm Lewis)
15. New Brain: Change, A - (with Mary Testa)
16. New Brain: Yes, A - (with Keith Byron Kirk/Chip Zien/John Jellison/Kristin Chenoweth/Liz Larsen/Malcolm Gets)
17. New Brain: In the Middle of the Room, A - (with Penny Fuller/Malcolm Gets)
18. New Brain: Throw It Out, A - (with Penny Fuller)
19. New Brain: A Really Lousy Day in the Universe, A - (with Mary Testa/Norm Lewis)
20. New Brain: Brain Dead, A - (with Malcolm Gets/Norm Lewis)
21. New Brain: Whenever I Dream, A - (with Liz Larsen/Malcolm Gets)
22. New Brain: Eating Myself up Alive, A - (with Keith Byron Kirk/Michael Mandell/John Jellison/Kristin Chenoweth/Mary Testa)
23. New Brain: The Music Still Plays On, A - (with Penny Fuller)
24. New Brain: Don't Give In, A - (with Penny Fuller/Chip Zien/Liz Larsen/Malcolm Gets/Norm Lewis)
25. A New Brain: You Boys Are Gonna Get Me in Such Trouble / Sailing (Reprise): You Boys Are Gonna Get Me In Such Trouble / Sailing - (reprise, with Michael Mandell/Malcolm Gets/Norm Lewis)
26. New Brain: The Homeless Lady's Revenge, A - (with Malcolm Gets/Mary Testa/Norm Lewis)
27. New Brain: Time, A - (with Malcolm Gets/Norm Lewis)
28. New Brain: Time and Music, A - (with Keith Byron Kirk/Malcolm Gets)
29. New Brain: I Feel So Much Spring, A - (with Keith Byron Kirk/Malcolm Gets/Mary Testa)

Release Notes

Music and lyrics by William Finn.
Principal cast includes: Malcolm Gets (Gordon Michael Schwinn); Kristin Chenoweth (Waitress, Nancy D., the thin nurse); Penny Fuller (Mimi Schwinn, the mother); Christopher Innvar (Roger Delli-Bovi); John Jellison (Dr. Jafar Berensteiner); Keith Byron Kirk (The Minister); Liz Larsen (Rhoda); Michael Mandell (Richard, the nice nurse); Mary Testa (Lisa, a homeless lady); Chip Zien (Mr. Bungee).
Recorded at the Hit Facory 1, New York, New York on June 29, 1998.
Personnel: Malcolm Gets (piano); Michael Starobin (synthesizer).
Audio Mixer: Ken Hahn.
Liner Note Author: Andr? Bishop.
Recording information: The Hit Factory Studio 1, New York, NY (06/29/1998).
Editors: Ken Hahn; Emily King .
Photographer: Joan Marcus.
The Off-Broadway musical A New Brain tells the story of a struggling songwriter who suffers a medical crisis when something goes wrong with his brain and he is forced to undergo surgery. The show follows his experiences in the hospital and the ways that his friends, relatives, and business associates deal with the situation. Composer/lyricist/co-librettist William Finn himself suffered a similar problem; as annotator Andr? Bishop writes, "Everybody knows by now that Bill Finn was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, almost died, and then didn't." Everybody (in the musical theater, anyway) also knows that Finn is the celebrated composer of the Tony Award-winning Falsettos, a highly original show that, among other things, touched on medical matters in lively, unexpected ways. However autobiographical A New Brain may be, it is also a worthy follow-up to Falsettos, full of pop, rock, and funk tunes played primarily on synthesizers with lyrics that trace a group of funny, touching characters in ways that comment on contemporary life. Bishop accurately points out that Finn simultaneously occupies a central place in current musical theater and a place "on the extreme sidelines, " because he is recognized as a major talent, but is also uncompromisingly devoted to writing "idiosyncratic, highly personal shows." While, like Falsettos, A New Brain goes well beyond its nominal subject matter and is enjoyable purely for its music and wit, it nevertheless is idiosyncratic and highly personal, and listeners may find the juxtaposition of catchy songs and medical problems disconcerting. Finn is interested in getting his audiences to tap their feet, but he doesn't want them to forget their troubles. A New Brain is a less substantial work than Falsettos, but it is another highly accomplished effort from a challenging artist. ~ William Ruhlmann


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