Fail Safe


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Genre: Dramas
Director: Sidney Lumet - American director/producer
Theatrical Release: 1964
Rated: Not Rated
Length: 113 mins
Studio: Sony Pictures Home
Format: DVD
Language: English

Following closely on the heels of Stanley Kubrik's DR. STRANGELOVE (all too closely for Kubrick and company, who quickly filed a lawsuit alleging plagiarism), Sidney Lumet's FAIL-SAFE employs a similarly stylized and heightened dramatic structure in its nerve-crushing moral tale. Taking place over the course of a single day, the film follows government and army officials in Nebraska, New York City, and Washington, D.C., as they go about their day supervising, examining, and speculating on the fragile state of affairs engendered by the tense nuclear standoff between the U.S. and Russia. When an off-course commercial airplane triggers the Pentagon's complex "fail-safe" maneuver, leaving an arsenal of nuclear-bomb-carrying jet fighters at the ready, a mechanical error puts the entire world in danger of destruction. Riveting performances from a rich cast are pushed even further by Lumet's stark and ominous direction. Walter Matthau gives an uncharacteristic turn as a cold and contemptuous political scientist unswerving in his convictions that the U.S. must stand strong against the communist menace. Henry Fonda plays the American president who must navigate the complex and urgent political trauma and prevent total destruction, even at an unthinkable price.;

Language Usage   Original
Release Language   English
Color   B&W
HiFi Sound   N
Surround Sound   N
Digital Sound   N
Stereo Sound   N
CXEncoding   N
AC3Sound   N
THXSound   N
DTSStereo   N
Unedited Version   N
Collector's Edition   N
Director's Cut   N
Closed Captioned   N
Letterboxed   Y
Sorrell Booke - American actor, DUKES OF HAZZARD (1979)
Frank Overton - American Character Actor
Fritz Weaver - American Actor, HOLOCAUST
Russell Collins - American Actor
Russell Hardie -
Walter Bernstein - American Screenwriter
Sidney Lumet - American director/producer
Ralph Rosenblum - American Editor
Max E. Youngstein -
William Hansen -
Albert Brenner - Production Designer/Art Director
Anna Hill Johnstone -
Eugene Burdick - Novelist\"Fail Safe"
Harvey Wheeler - Source Writer, FAIL-SAFE (1964)
Sight and Sound
"...[Frears] makes a sterling job of reviving the original film's taut, monochrome claustrophobia. A compelling exercise in human drama..."

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