City of Lost Children


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Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet - French director, AMELIE
Marc Caro - Director/Screenwriter
Theatrical Release: 1995
Rated: R (MPAA)
Length: 114 mins
Studio: Sony Pictures Home
Format: DVD
Language: French

In THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN, an imaginative fantasy from the creators of DELICATESSEN, a prematurely aging mad scientist named Krank (Daniel Emilfork) kidnaps children so he can steal their dreams. However, Krank runs into trouble when his henchmen grab Denr?e (Joseph Lucien), a little boy whose adopted brother, One (Ron Perelman), is a circus strongman. One desperately tries to find Denr?e and begs for help from Miette (Judith Vittet), a 9-year-old girl who heads up a gang of orphans. Together, One and Miette finally find Krank's castle, meeting along the way the lost identical brother--the original--of the three clones (each played by Dominique Pinon) who serve as Krank's assistants.<BR><BR>French directors Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet once again prove their technical prowess with this dark fairy tale, which features outstanding performances from its youthful cast (most notably Vittet). As is the case with DELICATESSEN, however, their genius in constructing a highly artificial, beautiful, believable world threatens to overshadow the story. But even the fantastic sets cannot compare to the bizarre spectacles that Jeunet and Caro dream up. In one unforgettable scene, a pair of evil Siamese twin sisters prepare dinner, their four arms working perfectly in sync--one holding vegetables for another to chop while a third stirs the soup and a fourth scratches their collective itches. Frequent David Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti creates the chilling, circusy musical score that adds to the film's magic.;

Language Usage   Dubbed
Release Language   English
Color   Color
HiFi Sound   N
Surround Sound   N
Digital Sound   N
Stereo Sound   Y
CXEncoding   N
AC3Sound   N
THXSound   N
DTSStereo   N
Unedited Version   N
Collector's Edition   N
Director's Cut   N
Closed Captioned   N
Letterboxed   Y
Extra Info   Original French; Subtitled English and Spanish
Ron Perlman - Actor, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST series, HELLBOY
Jean-Louis Trintignant - French Actor/Director
Dominique Pinon - French Actor - "Delicatessen"
Daniel Emilfork - Actor
Mireille Mosse - French Actress
Joseph Lucien - French Actor/1990s
Judith Vittet - Actress
Jean-Pierre Jeunet - French director, AMELIE
Marc Caro - Director/Screenwriter
USA Today
"...Clever....Brilliant warmer moments..."
Entertainment Weekly
"...Gleefully evokes a world inspired by carnival grotesquerie..." -- Rating: A-
"A vibrant, bubbling cauldron of breathtaking f/x, gross-out humor and in-your-face imagery..."
Los Angeles Times
"...A stunningly surreal fantasy, a fable of longing and danger, of heroic deeds and bravery, set in a brilliantly realized world of its own. It is one of the most audacious, original films of the year..."

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