Run Lola Run


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Genre: Foreign Films
Director: Tom Tykwer - Bavaria
Theatrical Release: 1999
Rated: R (MPAA)
Length: 80 mins
Studio: Sony Pictures Home
Format: Blu-ray Disc
Language: German

Set against the gritty urban scenescape of Berlin and a pounding techno soundtrack, RUN LOLA RUN is a frenetic, inventive existential thriller that explores the life-altering impact of seemingly inconsequential actions. Beautiful, hip, and young, poor Lola has but 20 minutes to locate a missing bag containing 100,000 Deutsche marks or come up with the money some other way--if she can't, gangsters are going to kill her boyfriend. A pulse-raising race against time, the film employs a startling array of innovative techniques to present three separate scenarios, all departing from a single split-second decision Lola makes. Franka Potente, who also sings on the soundtrack, is mesmerizing as Lola. Winner of the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival; Best Film, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director at the German Film Awards; 1998 Bambi Award; and the Golden Space Needle Award for Best Film at the Seattle International Film Festival.;

Language Usage   Subtitled
Release Language   French
Color   Color
HiFi Sound   N
Surround Sound   N
Digital Sound   N
Stereo Sound   N
CXEncoding   N
AC3Sound   N
THXSound   N
DTSStereo   N
Unedited Version   N
Collector's Edition   N
Director's Cut   N
Closed Captioned   N
Letterboxed   N
Joachim Krol - Actor
Sebastian Schipper -
Tom Tykwer - Bavaria
Tom Tykwer - Bavaria
Franka Potente - German actress, RUN LOLA RUN
Moritz Bleibtreu - Actor, DAS EXPERIMENT (2002)
Herbert Knaup -
Nina Petri -
Armin Rohde -
Ludger Pistor - Actor
Suzanne Von Borsody - Actor
Stephan Arndt -
Frank Griebe - Director of Photography
Mathilde Bonnefoy -
Alexander Manasse -
Sight and Sound
"...Pop-video aesthetics and pumping techno which keeps us breathless....An awesome achievement..."
Rolling Stone

"...Twyker puts nearly every trick in the cinematic arsenal to stunning use..."
Entertainment Weekly
"...The sheer ingenuity of [Tykwer's] gamesmanship is amazing..." -- Rating: A
New York Times
"...A furiously kinetic display of pyrotechnics....Mr. Twyker's visual virtuosity revels in the possibilities here..."
".,..RUN LOLA RUN kicks off with an outrageous visual motif....then it spends the remainder of its tight 80 minutes topping itself..."
Los Angeles Times
"...Inventive....LOLA's music is perfectly suited to the film's aims and just about addictive in its throbbing, insinuating rhythms..."
Chicago Sun-Times
"...It's an exercise in kinetic energy, a film of nonstop motion and visual invention..."
Ultimate DVD
4 stars out of 5 -- "A pulse-pounding and anarchic thriller....It's a short and sweet premise, and one that replays in different variations as time resets and Lola follows a different succession of cause and effect."

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