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Genre: Foreign Films
Director: Kim Ki-Duk - Director, THE ISLE (2002)
Theatrical Release: 2005
Rated: Not Rated
Length: 88 mins
Studio: Sony Pictures Home
Format: DVD
Language: English

Internationally acclaimed Korean writer-director Ki-duk Kim (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER... AND SPRING) has created a masterful, wholly original drama with 3-IRON, which follows the trials and tribulations of an odd young man, Tae-suk (Hee Jae), who spends his days putting flyers on people's doors just so he can check who hasn't taken them down after a day or two; believing those families to be away, he breaks into their homes and settles in for a while, cooking, cleaning, watching television, and sleeping, all done with an intoxicating charm. But one day he is caught by a troubled young woman, Sun-hwa (Seung-yeon Lee), whose husband, Min-kyu (Hyuk-ho Kwon), abuses her mentally and physically; when the husband returns home, Tae-suk uses the man's 3-iron to hit golf balls at him. Sun-hwa then goes off with Tae-suk, joining him on his journey to empty houses, where they pretend to be part of the vacationing family. But when they walk into an apartment and find a man dead, their world changes despite their attempts to protect it. It's at that point that director Kim really starts having fun. 3-IRON is an intense, enjoyable, mystical film filled with subtlety and tenderness. That is especially surprising since the two main characters, who find solace in each other's company, never speak a word.;

Language Usage   Subtitled
Release Language   English
Color   Color
HiFi Sound   N
Surround Sound   N
Digital Sound   N
Stereo Sound   N
CXEncoding   N
AC3Sound   N
THXSound   N
DTSStereo   N
Unedited Version   N
Collector's Edition   N
Director's Cut   N
Closed Captioned   N
Letterboxed   N
Kim Ki-Duk - Director, THE ISLE (2002)
Seung-yeon Lee - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Hee Jae - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Hyuk-ho Kwon - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Jin-mo Joo - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Jeong-ho Choi - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Joo-suk Lee - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Sung-hyuk Moon - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Jee-ah Park - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Jae-yong Jang - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Dah-hae Lee - Actor, 3-IRON (2005)
Ki-Duk Kim - Screenwriter, 3-IRON (2005)
Ki-Duk Kim - Screenwriter, 3-IRON (2005)
Michio Suzuki - Executive Producer, 3-IRON (2005)
Yong-bae Choi - Executive Producer, 3-IRON (2005)
Seung-beck Jang - Director of Photography, 3-IRON (2005)
Slvian - Composer, 3-IRON (2005)
New York Times
"The movie camera is able to make the impossible look natural and the ordinary seem strange....Mr. Kim is a master of such estrangement, and 3-IRON is a teasing, self-conscious and curiously heartfelt demonstration of his mischievous formal ingenuity."
Los Angeles Times
"Alternately witty, caustic, tender and endlessly imaginative and unpredictable, this latest film from one of Korea's most idiosyncratic and prolific directors is as confident as its resourceful hero, Tae-suk."
Entertainment Weekly
"3-IRON is like a Raymond Carver story that slowly, inexorably takes on the dimensions of a ghostly fairy tale."
"[T]his offbeat little charmer ends with a reality-blurring supernatural twist that hangs in the air like a kiss."
"[T]his multi-layered love story rings true with sweetness..."
Sight and Sound
"[A] deliberately paced, hypnotic drama....[With] a beguiling effect."

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