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Transylmania (Unrated)


Genre: Comedies
Director: David Hillenbrand - Director Scott Hillenbrand - Director
Theatrical Release: 2009
Rated: Not Rated
Length: 97 mins
Studio: Sony Pictures Home
Format: DVD
Language: English

Sony Rewards Price: 999 points

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Stoked over the smokin’ Romanian hottie he’s meet online, an über-randy college student talks his dimwitted friends into joining him for a semester of beer, babes and bongs at what they think is a prestigious Transylvanian university. What they discover instead is a creepy castle populated by a torture-loving mad scientist, an overcybersexed humpback, the nubile spirit of a decomposed sorceress and a bevy of horny vampire chicks that have finally found a student body they can really sink their fangs into.


A group of American college students travel to Romania on an international studies program, only to find that the bizarre legends surrounding this strange land are all too real. Oren Skoog and Patrick Cavanaugh headline this sexy horror spoof skewering every monster movie clich? imaginable.

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cast & Crew
David Hillenbrand - Director
Scott Hillenbrand - Director
Viorel Sergovici - Cinematographer/Director of Photography
Patrick Casey -
Worm Miller - Director, HEY...STOP STABBING ME (2003)
Musetta Vander - Actress/"Oblivion"
Jennifer Lyons - Actress
James DeBello - American Actor
Tony Denman - actor, POOR WHITE TRASH
Worm Miller - Director, HEY...STOP STABBING ME (2003)
Patrick Cavanaugh - ACTOR; "Bloody Murder"
Paul H. Kim - Actor
Natalie Garza -
Nicole Garza -
Oren Skoog -
David J. Steinberg - Actor
Irena A. Hoffman -
Patrick Casey -
Worm Miller - Director, HEY...STOP STABBING ME (2003)
David O'Brien - Director; Editor; Producer
David Berrel -
Jennifer June Ross - Musical Direction/Supervision