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Genre: Dramas
Director: Pablo Larrain - Writer/director
Theatrical Release: 2016
Rated: R (MPAA)
Length: 108 mins
Studio: Sony Pictures Home
Format: DVD
Language: French

When Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (Luis Gnecco) is named an enemy of the state in 1948 for his communist leanings, a determined investigator (Gael Garc?a Bernal) launches a search to apprehend him. Neruda seizes on the opportunity to make a larger political and literary statement, and engages the investigator in a game of cat and mouse in this historical biopic directed by Pablo Larrain.;

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Luis Gnecco - Chilean Actor
Gael Garcia Bernal - Actor, AMORES PERROS (2000)
Mercedes Moran - Argentinian Actress, LA CIENAGA (2001)
Francisco Reyes - Actor: SUBTERRA (2004)
Guillermo Calderon - Producer, HEMBRA O MACHO
Alfredo Castro - Actor
Pablo Larrain - Writer/director
Sergio Armstrong - Director of photography
Miguel Hormazabal -
Marcelo Alonso -
Federico Jusid -
Alejandro Goic -
Emilio Gutierrez Caba -
Pablo Derqui -
Jaime Vadell -
Michael Silva -
Diego Munoz - Actor
Ruben Piputto -
A.V. Club
"Garc?a Bernal is confident enough as an actor to do virtually nothing, allowing Larra?n to sculpt a void of a performance around his classically handsome features....The more NERUDA departs from historical fact, the more trenchant it becomes." -- Grade: B+
Los Angeles Times
"NERUDA, an intoxicating puzzle of a movie directed by Pablo Larra?n, chronicles a strange, harrowing episode from the late 1940s, when the Chilean government?s crackdown on communism drove the great poet and politician Pablo Neruda underground."
New York Times
"Blending fact with invention, it tells the story of a confrontation between an artist and an emerging dictatorship, and more generally illuminates the endless struggle between political authority and the creative imagination."
Entertainment Weekly
"NERUDA is a virtual fireworks show about the power of poetry and fame on the world....And a ravishing experience it is to watch." -- Grade: B
Chicago Sun-Times
"NERUDA is itself a lyrical experience. It?s photographed in creamy colors that suggest a faded postwar snapshot and graced with a rhapsodic soundtrack of late Romantics and spiky 20th century Modernists."

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