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Men in Black (1997)


Synopsis: Men in Black follows the exploits of agents Kay (Jones) and Jay (Smith), members of a top-secret organization... More

Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld - American Director of Photography/Director
Theatrical Release: 1997
Rated: PG-13 (MPAA)
Length: 98 mins
Studio: Sony Pictures Home
Format: Blu-ray Disc
Language: English

Sony Rewards Price: 1,999 points

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Men in Black follows the exploits of agents Kay (Jones) and Jay (Smith), members of a top-secret organization established to monitor alien activity on Earth. The two MiB find themselves in the middleof the deadly plot by an intergalactic terrorist (Vincent D'Onofrio) who has arrived on Earth to assassinate two ambassadors from opposing galaxies.


In the 1950s a super-secret government agency was formed to monitor and police the activities of extraterrestrial aliens on the planet Earth. Some 40 years later a founding father of the agency, Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones), finds himself with a new smart-mouthed partner fresh from the NYPD who is soon dubbed Agent Jay (Will Smith). Their first mission is to save the Earth from destruction by a giant insectlike alien (Vincent D'Onfrio) that, incidentally, drives an exterminator's truck. Armed with their matching Ray-Bans, skinny ties, and space-age weapons that Jay barely understands--he calls the Neuralyzer the "flashy thing"--the new duo begin another average day of fighting intergalactic terrorists. An amazingly hip and terribly clever movie that riffs on everything from E.T.--THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL to CASABLANCA, this Barry Sonnenfeld film is based on the equally savvy comic book by Lowell Cunningham.

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cast & Crew
Barry Sonnenfeld - American Director of Photography/Director
Will Smith - American actor/rap performer/producer
Linda Fiorentino - American Actress, THE LAST SEDUCTION (1995)
Tony Shalhoub - Actor, MONK
Siobhan Fallon - American actress, MEN IN BLACK
Mike Nussbaum - American Supporting Actor
Sergio Calderon -
Carel Struycken - Actor/"Addams Family"
John Alexander - Character actor, MR. SKEFFINGTON, ARSENIC AND OLD LACE
Michael Willis -
Richard Hamilton - Actor/"Sommersby"
David Cross - Comedian, MR. SHOW
Kent Faulcon -
Bernard Gilkey - Baseball Player
Jonathan Gries - Actor/"Kill Me Again"
Fredric Lane -
Sean Whalen - American Supporting Actor
Ed Solomon - Screenwriter
Lowell Cunningham - Comic book creator - Men in Black
Danny Elfman - Score composer
Bo Welch -
Mary E. Vogt -
Jim Miller - TV/Film Editor
Laurie MacDonald -
Cinovation Studios - Effects company
XFX Images - Computer animation/Special effects company
VisionArt Design & Animation - Computer animation and effects company
Rick Baker - Makeup and Special Effects Designer

Reviews & Awards
USA Today
"...The out-there premise is irresistible.... Effects master Rick Baker whips up a swell array of oddball creatures great, small and just plain strange..." -- 4 out of 4 stars
New York Times
"...Dryly clever....Extraordinarily ambitious, with all-star design and special-effects talent and a genuinely artful visual style..."
Los Angeles Times
"...Wised-up and offhandedly funny....Barry Sonnenfeld is an excellent director for this point of view, and MEN IN BLACK is a blend of the strengths of his previous films..."
Chicago Sun-Times
"...The movie makes good use of a lot of New York landmarks....[The film] deflates one sci-fi pomposity after another..."
Total Film
4 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he leads' buddy-buddy act works a charm, Smith's mock-macho maximalism and Jones' dour minimalism deliciously contrasted."
Academy Awards Best Makeup Winner 1997